Monday, November 23, 2009

I sent a letter to the editor

Hopefully, they will print it. I added a photo so you can see what we were doing. Here is the LTTE...

After reading the story ‘Local forest preserve project wins award’, I thought it worthwhile to tell more of the story.

The Spring Brook Meander Project provides a healthier habitat for aquatic life, but it also improved the habitat for plants and animals outside of the stream. For example, the invasive trees shaded out plants on the ground, reducing the quality of the habitat and increasing erosion. Removing the trees allowed those areas to improve. It also connected two large grassland areas that will have an ongoing benefit for wildlife.
This habitat improvement is more than a feel good story for my nature loving friends. Other benefits include improved water quality and increased water infiltration, which recharges the shallow aquifer; something that will come in handy if we experience the water shortages predicted with continued development. This project also added significant storm-water detention for the community at no additional cost to the taxpayer. How is that for efficient government?

This was a shining example of public bodies partnering for a better outcome. We were able to piggyback on the City of Naperville adding a turn lane at Book and 83rd (with contributions from Naperville Township and the Naperville Park District). That allowed us to keep costs down going under Book Rd. We, in turn, provided wetland mitigation for the City.

Naperville North and Central High Schools have taken advantage of the live lab that contributed to us winning this award. The data we receive from the schools help us at the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County do a better job.

Carl Schultz
Forest Preserve Commissioner


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tax Levy and Habitat Improvement

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County's Commission discussed the next tax levy. We are planning to keep the tax rate flat. In fact, a $270,000 home will end up spending $0.36 less than in the past levy. We also recently approved a restructuring of some of our outstanding bonds that will abate additional taxes. We will know for sure how much that number is after we sell the new bonds at a lower rate than the current bonds.

Other business we addressed today is a Habitat Improvement Project at Greene Valley Forest Preserve. Our backup material noted that "Ecologically this area is very important; floral and faunal surveys have found 355 native plant species and 90 wildlife species, including one state endangered, six species in greatest need of conservation in Illinois, and 16 species of special concern regionally." It is amazing how quickly these areas rebound with restoration efforts.

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