Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who Is The Wasteful Grinch?

It is interesting to see some local Democrats complain about the recently passed budget at a rally at the County building. I write rally, but it sounded like there was only Democratic Board candidates in attendance. Oh, and a blowup Dr. Suess' Grinch. A clever prop I suppose, but since they were there to complain about wasteful spending, it raises a question. Where were they getting the electricity to inflate the so-called "SchillerGrinch"? Could it be they were wasting County resources by plugging in at the County building? All for a publicity stunt.

Were that they were as critical of the problems in Springfield. Or next door in Chicago and Cook. Or even in DuPage, where the City of Aurora will
increase its budget some 5%. It is easy enough for those governments to raise the funds, because the State can just raise fees like vehicle registrations at a whim. Even so, Illinois continues to be one of the few states that is awash in red ink in the midst of economic expansion nationwide. The other communities are home rule. They have and will just raise taxes. That is the model of Democratic rule here in Illinios.

Meanwhile, Illinois is at risk of losing $1.5 billion in Federal money because the Democrats in Springfield can't pass a capital projects program. This will affect DuPage County, because next week the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County will have to relinquish grant money earmarked for the Salt Creek Trail, in part because the State cannot access the federal monies with matching funds. The Federal money will just pass on to other states.

A referendum for a 1/4 % sales tax increase will pass (or fail) on its own merits. An advantage is that an estimated 40% of the revenue will come from out of county sources. I would welcome constructive discussion from these local Democrats, but DuPage County is ill served by pejorative rhetoric and name-calling.